The Treasure Chest:


Made of clay, this scene portrays Navajo women making kneel-down bread for a ceremony. It was probably made about the 1960s/1970s but the Navajo artist who created it did not sign it. $375.


We've just acquired a large (!) group of drums that were made by the now-closed Taos Drum Company many years ago.

They range in price from $400 to $525. We have only 3 of the tall ones, but five of the lower, wider ones, which are suitable for use as coffee tables with a plate of tempered glass.

These two are in Santa Fe and the tall one is 34 inches high, 17 inches across and $400. The other is 17 inches high and roughly 29 inches across $480.

We have six more drums in Tucson if you'd like to call there for other sizes.


16.5 by 11.5 inches this wonderful swirling corn motif by Joe Ben Jr. $500.

Ben has taught sandpainting at the School of Fine Arts in Paris and the School of Fine Arts in Grenoble and exhibited his work worldwide. "Interprets the forces of nature as a contemporary expression of man's place in relationship to the universe."


A male and female Yei'ii by Zachary Ben. 11.75 by 12.25 inches. SOLD

This 1970s-era San Carlos Apache cradleboard with the red, white and blue ric-rac is 27 inches long and came from the collection of a gentleman who was very active with healthcare issues on Arizona Indian reservations for decades, beginning in the 1960s. $220.


Two Navajo pottery toys, The one at right by by William Manygoats and is 3.75 inches long. $30.

The truck is almost 6.5 inches long and SOLD

Both are in our Santa Fe shop and, sorry, we do not have any odea of the MPG...


-Pueblo wedding moccasins with white deerskin. $200.

-Beaded dance pouch with Salimobia/Sipikne Zuni Warrior of the South. $300.

-Hopi sash, on needlepoint fabric. Circa 1970s. $450.

-Black manta, probably from Ohkay Owingeh (San Juan Pueblo). 1970s. $300.

-Hopi rain sash woven by Ned Lomayestewa of Supalawi Village on Second Mesa. 1970 1st prize MNA ribbon. -Worn by certain maiden katsinas and by Hopi brides. Original 1970 price was $38, then sold for $85 several years later. 2014 price: $350.

-Hopi kilt of handwoven cotton, circa 1950-60s. $600.

-As above,1970s. $450.

-Navajo sash belt, circa 1970s. $110.

Hopi dance moccasins from the 1970s. $200 and $175.

Hopi dance moccasins. 1970s. $200

Hopi dance moccasins. 1970s. $200