If you would like to learn more about weaving, see Mark's book book: Southwestern Indian Weaving


Below are some of our largest rugs. Large rugs are difficult to find so if you have a particular pattern and a size range you are hoping to locate, please let us know and we will do our utmost to find it for you.

And be sure and see the Chief's Blanket pattern wearing blanket at the end of this gallery!


A spectacular Ganado rug, woven by It measures 59 by 91 inches. $6000.


This vintage (1940s probably) textile was woven of handspun wool in grey, white, dark brown and a vegetal dye tan. It measures 53 by 79 inches and is in very good condition. $2400.


An early (probably 1920s) Yei'ii pattern of natural wool, vegetal dye and predominantly aniline dye colors. The rattle style and central figure suggest it is loosely based upon either the Mountain Way or Shooting Way images. $12,500.


We feel very lucky to have acquired this large Ganado/Klagetoh pattern woven recently by Eunice Joe of churro wool. It measures nearly 5x8 feet (94.5x62") and we also have a photo of the rug on the loom with Mrs. Joe standing next to it. $4,800


A Chief's Blanket pattern wearing blanket, woven about 20 years ago.72 by 36 inches. $3600.