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This Spider Woman-inspired buckle. 3 by 2 3/8 inches, it is made for a 1 1/4 inch belt. $1100.


Two excellent, striking rings. THe one at left is set with a piece of Bisbee turquoise (there is a slight crack visible in the upper right corner) A size 8 1/2. SOLD

The other is set with turquoise from the Tyrone Mine and is a size 9. $675. Either ring can be size up or down.(Santa Fe)


Also called green charoite, this unusual stone is properly known as Seraphnite.

Just about 1 1/8 inch across it is a size 9. $400.


An earlier buckle useing a bullseye motif gave Robert the idea of playing with circles in various rotations, creating this outstanding contemporary buckle. $1100.

1.75 by 3 inches, and made for a 1 inch belt. (Santa Fe)


Also set with seraphnite is this marvelous bug. Measuring 3 3/8 inches from bale to tail it was cast using tufa and cuttlefish bone, given eyes of spondylus shell and, as always, meticulously crafted. $350.


Inspired by the early work of Loloma, Robert has created his own vision with this buckle for 1 1/4 inch belt.

1 5/8 by just under 3 inches. (Tucson)


Based upon ancient petroglyphs and pictographs, this pin (which can be worn as a pendant) is 3 inches long and set with a beautiful piece of #8 Mine spiderweb turquoise. $300.

A spectacular sandcast belt buckle set with turquoise from the Blue Gem in Nevada.1 and 5/8 and 2 5/8 inches. Bound to become someone's favorite belt buckle. $1275. (Santa Fe)


Two cuttlefish bone and tufa cast pendants flanking a sandcast. The pendant at left is based upon pictographs found along the San Juan River and is .325 inches high. $300. The center pin is 2 inches across, set with Blue Gem turquoise and is based upon an Apache basket design. SOLD The pendant at right is based upon the Hopi Tsakwayna katsina and is just under 3 inches high and $300.


A pair of tufa-cast turtle pendants with overlay designs om the reverse. 3 by 1.75 inches. Each is $400.


<<A beautiful double-sided pendant with a night rainstorm on one side and the night skies on the other - complete with a shooting star, North Star, Coyote Star and the Milkyway. 2 inches across and $600.