The Treasure Chest:

In honor of the statehood centennial of both Arizona and New Mexico we've acquired a special collection of early maps of the region ranging from 1861 (at the bottom of the page) to 1937. I think you'll find them as engrossing as I have. Once you start looking at them closely, you'll be surprised, amused, and enchanted. This is only a sampling of the maps we have available. Please email us to see more!


Based upon the fact that the Tusayan National Forest was not established until 1910 (and was made a part of the Coconino in 1934) and that Lummis died in 1928, we estimate that this illustrated map dates about 1920. It measure 12 by 18 inches and is priced at $40. A great gift for anyone who treasures a trip they made to this amazing part of our Southwest...


A 1908 map of the Territory of can get lost in the detail of this marvelous map. 18 by 22.5 inches. $180.


From the May 18, 1889 edition of Harper's Weekly comes this inducement to come visit remnants of pre-historic Arizona...though clearly San Xavier Mission came much later...

18 by 24 inches. $120.


A rather rare map showing one of the lesser-known proposed boundaries for the territory of Arizona, which truncates southern Nevada, which had just been carved out of the territory of Utah - in 1862. 18.5 by 27.5 inches. $350.