A nice vintage (50 to 60 years old) Navajo ring set with good blue natural turquoise - difficult to guess at the mine. And yes, the stone is cracked, but secure in its setting. 1 3/8 by 3/4 inch. $165


Two vintage pins - the one at left bears the Navajo Guild mark. and is 1 by 2 inches $80. The other is 2 3/8 by 1 5/8. Circa 1940-50. $185


A classic concha style buckle from the 1930s or 40s. 2.5 by 3 inches and made for a 1 1/4 inch belt. $400.

A very early Hopi overlay buckle, with corn motifs. The hallmark on the back is, in my opinion, that of Everett Harris, Tobacco Clan from Musangnovi. It was purchased in 1952. Very rare to find his work.

1.5 by 3 inches and made for a 1 1/4 inch belt. $800.


A Zuni nazha style turquosie cluster pin with two silver jump rings at the top which can be attached to a sterling chain. From the 1940s, it measures 3 inches high and 2.25 inches across. SOLD

A classic Zuni cluster bracelet,

A sandcast Rainbow Yei'ii necklace, circa 1960-70s. 28 inches long. $675.



< Though it has the feel of an older piece, this squash blossom necklace was made about 1986 - the date it won 3rd prize at the Museum of Northern Arizona's annual Navajo show.Of considerable interest is the judge who signed the ribbon:

John Adair, author of Navajo and Pueblo Silversmiths, a epic study first published in 1944.



A trio of nice older bracelets. The one at center measures 5/8 inch across at the widest point (the turquoise). Made of hammered ingot it probably dates to the 1920s or so. $675

The bracelet at left with the delicate notching is just over 3/8 inch wide and $165.

The bracelet at right is the same width and $145.


A 1950-60s era Navajo bracelet 1.5 inches wide. The turquoise is from one of the Nevada Mines...possibly a mixture of stones from Royston and Blue Gem. 5.75 inches with a 1 inch opening. $1100.

A bola tie by Zuni artist Juan Calabaza from the 1950s. It measure 2.5 by 1.5 inches. SOLD


Wonderful provenance on this Zuni squash blossom necklace with matching earrings

It was purchased 4/2/1976 from the Popovi Da Studio in San Ildefonso Pueblo. (He was a son of famed potter Maria Martinez). The receipt is signed by Anita Martinez, one of Maria's granddaughters. $2200. (Santa Fe)


Two Zuni Rainbow dancers from around 1950-mid 1960s. (Tucson)

The one at left is 3 inches high and $800.

The one at right is 4 inches high and $900.