Hang in there old jewelry fans: More next week (beginning October 22)


A classic plain silver squash blossom necklace of heavyweight handmade beads and a sandcast nazha. Made and hallmarked by Jimmie and Frances Coan (d) of Blackhat, New Mexico. Made about 1970 - about when they first started signing their work. 27.5 inches long. $1275. (Santa Fe)


A great bug pin circa 1940s-50s. 2.5 inches across. $185. (Santa Fe)


A classic old Navajo concha belt bought out of dead pawn in 1954 and owned by the actor Lee Marvin. Written provenance from Pamela Marvin. The buckle is earlier than the rest of the belt as it was made from hammered ingot. The buckle measures 2 5/8 by 3 5/8 inches. The tag indicates that it was pawned by one Charlie Dixon, June 27, 1953 for $37 or $39. The conchas measure 2.25 by 3 inches. The butterfly spacers are 5/8 by 7/8 inches. $3600. 7 conchas, 8 butterfly spacers and buckle. (Santa Fe)


CA 1940-50, this pin is 2 3/8 by 1 5/8 and set with a nice piece of turquoise. $185.


A trio of nice older bracelets. The one at center measures 5/8 inch across at the widest point (the turquoise). Made of hammered ingot it probably dates to the 1920s or so. $675

The bracelet at left with the delicate notching is just over 3/8 inch wide and $165.

The bracelet at right is the same width and $145.


Wonderful provenance on this Zuni squash blossom necklace with matching earrings (the bracelet was kept by the heir).

It was purchased 4/2/1976 from the Popovi Da Studio in San Ildefonso Pueblo. (He was a son of famed potter Maria Martinez). The receipt is signed by Anita Martinez, one of Maria's granddaughters. $2200. (Santa Fe)


Two Zuni Rainbow dancers from around 1950-mid 1960s. (Tucson)

The one at left is 3 inches high and $800.

The one at right is 4 inches high and $900.