Between our two stores we have just over THREE HUNDRED katsinas on hand at any given moment - understandably our website can only show a cross-section!

Please contact us at either store with any special interests or requests you might have and we will e-mail you photos of other katsinas we have on hand - or find one for you!


By Coolidge Roy Jr of Old Orayvi Village, this Eagle katsina has a wingspan of just over 17 inches and a height of about 15 inches. The Kwaakatsina is not often seen during the katsin tikive or plaza dances held in late Spring and early Summer but is frequently portrayed in carvings. The strongest of all birds, able to fly up into the clouds and close to the Sun. For these reasons he wears what is called a moisture tablet on his back to bring the moisture in the clouds back down and the blue-green (to symbolize water and/or sky) tablet is surrounded by a red fringe symbolizing the sun. These attributes are also why its feathers are highly prized for use in prayer offerings (paahos). The down – whose name is translated as ‘breath feathers’ - is especially valued.

$1275. (Santa Fe)

Tyrone Crooke of Hotvela carved this unlucky Koshare who lost a race to a Hemsona katsina and now is getting his hair cut. 8.25 inches high. $450.

(Santa Fe)

Representing the spirit of the

A Sio Salako (Zuni Salako) by Philbert Honanie of the Water Clan from the village of Hotvela, on Third Mesa. 14 inches high to the tip of the feathers.


A Patung or Squash katsina by Wayland Namingha. 7 inches high. $185 (Santa Fe)


This Hahay'i Wuuhti (Katsina Grandmother) was carved by Ryan Gashweseoma. 11 inches high. $240. (Santa Fe)

A Kuwan Kokopelli. 8 inches high, carved by Dietrick Pohleahla. $150. (Tucson)


The name of this katsina - Payuk’ala – is purely descriptive as it translates as “Three Horn” katsina. He was frequently seen in the summer plaza dances, called katsintiikive, in the 1950s and early 60s but his popularity waned. Only recently has he been seen again. Carved by Corey Ahonewa of the Badger Clan. 12 inches high. $275. (Tucson)


A Sikyataio or Yellow Fox katsina by Patrick Joshvema. 8.5 inches high. (Santa Fe) $180


An amazing Angwustaqa or Crow katsina by Kevin Chavarria from Sitsom'ovi Village on First Mesa. It measures 14 inches across and is 24 inches tall! $400. (Santa Fe)


Iisaw or Coyote katsina by Augustine Mowa III 12 inches high. Very rare to see a carving of this particular katsina. $265. (Santa Fe)


A Tsitoto or Flower katsina by Chester Polyestewa of the Bear Strap Clan from the village of Hotvela on Third Mesa. 13 inches high to the tip of the feathers. (Tucson).

A Manangye or Lizard katsina by Lloyd Honhongva of the Badger Clan from Hotvela. 14.5 inches to the tip of the feathers. $240 (Tucson)


Two Sooyoko by Darance Chimerica of the Fire Clan from the village of Hotvela on Third Mesa - the Black Ogre or Nataska at left and the Wiharu or White Ogre at right. Each is 10 inches high (not including the corn husk tassels) $300 each (Tucson)