A Navajo sandcast bracelet by Tim Mitchell set with natural turquoise from Nevada (possibly Royston or Pilot Mountain) 1 5/8 inches wide and made in a small ladies wrist size. $360. (Santa Fe)


Two very interesting (and quite beautiful!) bracelets by Lorenzo Shirley. The raised portion was sandcast and overlaid (soldered) to the bracelet plate, which itself was sandcast. Each is just under an inch wide and 5.75 inches with a 1 inch opening. Note: they CAN be sized down and there is no charge for that service.

The plain silver bracelet is $550 and the coral one is $600. (Tucson)

Another stunning inlaid pendant by Duane Maktima that shows his unique eye for color and unusual stones. This is inlaid with pale blue-grey chalcedony, purple sugilite, red-orange carnelian, opal and a unique, almost translucent form of serpentine found only in Oregon. Beautiful texture on the reverse, utilizing a technique known as reticulation. Not including the bale, the pendant is 1.75 inches long and 1 inch across. $1800. (Santa Fe)


Silver clad copper man's bracelets by Jonathan Nez. 6.15 inches with a 1.25 inch opening. 1/2 inch wide and 1/4 inch thick! $185. each (Santa Fe)


A sandcast bracelet by Frances Jones, set with Lone Mountain turquoise. 1 5/8 inches across at the widest point it was made for a small wrist: 5 inches with a 1 inch opening. $475. (Tucson)

Frances Tabaha made this cast three-row bracelet. A small ladies' size, it is 1 inch wide. $265 (Tucson and Santa Fe)


Lyndon Tsosie fashioned this stunning bracelet inspired by a petroglyph motif and inlaid with lapis, coral, fossilized ivory and charoite and topped with a piece of spiderweb turquoise from the Lone Mountain Mine. (Santa Fe)

Michael Roanhorse Crawford made this coral pendant with 14kt gold dots, stars and lightning motifs. 3 3/8 inches long. $875. (Santa Fe)


Ray Scott fashioned these beautiful bracelets. The 2nd from the left is 5/8 inch wide but all the rest are 1/2 inch wide and each is $400. From left to right: 5.25 inches with a 1 inch opening, 5.75 inches with a 1 inch opening, 6.25 inches with a 1.25 inch opening, 5.75 inches with a 1 inch opening. (Santa Fe)


By Navajo silversmith Jess Martinez, this size 8 3/4 ring is 2 by 1 inch. $150. (Tucson)

A natural turquoise mosaic pendant by Rolanda Haloo. 1 3/8 inches high and $100. (Santa Fe)


Great work by Sherian Honhongva, one of the late Charles Loloma's nieces.

Two at left in Santa Fe) The square pendant is just over 3.4 inch square and set with turquoise, sugilite, lapis and two shades of coral. $800. The rectangular pendant with fossilized ivory, lapis, two shades of coral, ironwood and turquoise is 1 inch long including the bale) $675.

Two at right are in Tucson. Each is set with fossilized ivory, turquoise, coral (red and pink), lapis and sugilite. Just inder 1 inch square $800. The other is .75 by just over 1/2 inch. $625

Check the earring gallery for more of her work!

Two bracelets by Frances Jones, who, in her seventies, continues to make jewelry and innovate.

The bracelet with the interesting concentric rings, is 5.25 inches with a 1 inch opening and is 1 3/8 inches wide. $1100.

The bottom bracelet is 3/4 inch wide and is the same size as the one above. $650.

All in Tucson - see what work we have of hers in Santa Fe-Gallery 2


Men's bracelets, left to right: -by Ray Scott 3.4 inch wide $400, -Alvin Todachine made this stampwork bracelet 5/8 inch wide.$400. -A flared round wire bracelet by Jonathan Nez. $185. -Inlaid turquoise bracelet by Wayne Muskett, almost 1/2 inch wide. $220. -Copper bracelet by Kee Nataani, just over 3.4 inch wide. $60. -Also by Kee Nataani, this square wire bracelet it patterned on 3 of the 4 sides and the ends flair and flattened, embellished by 4 graduated fluted stampwork raindrops. $340. -A cast lightning bracelet by Alvin Thompson. $240.