An amazing sandcast cuff, carefully filed and then beautifully patterned wth stampwork. By Matthew Charley. Made for a small wrist. $525. (Santa Fe)


Ernest Rangel is a rodeo cowboy, rancher and silversmith - when he has time. This festive bracelet, which seems to evoke the celebrations of this time of year, is 1.5 inches wide. 5.25 inches with a 1 inch opening, the domed shape helps it fit a small to medium-sized wrist with comfort. $1275 (Tucson)


Another bracelet by Ernest. The base plate is sandcast and thick enough that he was able to create a patterned stampwork texture along the edges. Just over 1/2 inch wide. $360 (Tucson)


Made by Craig Agoodie, this bracelet is set with Lone Mountain turquoise. 1 1/8 inches across at the widest point it was made for a medium wrist: 5.5 inches with a 1 inch opening. $475. (Santa Fe)


By Jennifer Curtis, this wonderfully patterned hammerwork and repousse bracelet is set with a piece of natural turquoise in an 18 kt gold bezel. The bracelet is 2 inches wide. 5.5 inches with a 1 inch opening. $1400.

(Santa Fe)


A Navajo sandcast bracelet by Tim Mitchell set with natural turquoise from Nevada (possibly Royston or Pilot Mountain) 1 5/8 inches wide and made in a small ladies wrist size. $360. (Santa Fe)

A beautiful pink coral inlaid Rainbow dancer pin-pendant by Fadrian Bowannie. 2 inches across. $325. (Tucson)


An absolutely beautiful turquoise in this ring (size 7) 1.6 inches long. $225. (Tucson)

An elegant stampwork and holloware bracelet by Louise Bighand. 1.25 inches wide. 5.5 inches with a 1 inch opening. $400 (Tucson)


A wonderful collection of Zuni bird pin-pendants. The roadrunner is 1.5 inches across. By Andrea Lonjose. $110. The hummingbird pin-pendant in the center is by Stephan Lonjose and SOLD. The other three birds are by Eric Lonjose and $80 each. (Tucson)


Lee Charley has made a great trio of winged bugs. The coral and Sleeping Beauty turquoise dragonflies (the turquoise one is in Tucson) These pin-pendants measure 2.25 inches high and 2.75 inches across. $300.

The butterfly, also set with natural turquoise from the now-closed Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona. It measures 2.75 by 2.75 inches. $300. (SANTA FE)


Two very beautiful and and affordable sandcast Navajo bracelets set with good quality natural turquoise. Both for a medium to small wrist The one at left is set with some older Morenci turquoise we found. 1 5/8 inches across at the widest point. $185. The bracelet with the whirlwind motif at left, by Mildred Kee Parkhurst is 1 /38 inches wide. $180. (Tucson)

An incredible piece of natural turquoise from the Royston Mine was set in this bracelet by Navajo jeweler, Jess Martinez. The stone itself measures nearly 2.5 by 1.75 inches. The face of the bracelet itself is 2 7/8 by 3.5 inches. Its a medium-small ladies wrist size: just over 5.25 inches with a 1 1/8 inch opening. $1400.