Pmana awards
Pmana 2200 ET 15.5

A spectacular example of the artistry of Evangeline Talahaftewa. This one earned 1st prize, Best of Division and Best of Class at the 1979 Santa Fe Indian Market - and it was awarded by three very qualified judges: Geronima Montoya (San Juan Pueblo) , Nancy Fox and Kent Kent.15.25 inches across. $2200.

Sun 10.5 375
geo 325 9.5

Taawa, the Sun is the design on this tsukuvota or coiled basket. Taawa is an important deity who may also appear in katsina form. 10.25 inches across. $375..

A traditional geometric design, this basket is 9.5 inches across and $325.

Tutrle 8.25 185
Smana 400 10

A yoyongsona or turtle design with a sash belt motif. 8.25 inches across. $185..

This basket has an image of the Salako Mana or Salako Maiden, who appears with her male partner in the Salako ceremony, heald approximately every four years at the village of Songoopavi immediately after the Niman or Home Dance, 10 inches across and a nice tight weave. $400

DSC7273 DSC7267

Unusual these days: a large and deep Hopi coiled figurative basket. This one is decorated with raincloud motifs and the faces of the Heheya katsina. Measuring 8 inches high by 12 inches diameter. $1800

Pictured to the left, a beautiful, large and deep wicker basket. This one is literally a prize-winner, sporting a First Place ribbon from the Museum of Northern Arizona's annual Hopi Show. Regrettably it is not dated. It measures 8 inches tall by 17 inches diameter and is $875.


The Hopi use several basketry techniques, but this style, wicker, is only made by the villages on the Third Mesa. This particular wicker basket incorporates an eagle motif on either side of a cloud motif.SOLD

A wicker basket with a 13.5" diameter. $385

hopiwickerbasket275115inches hopicoilbasketbyroselineDay220

A wicker basket with a 11.5" diameter. These willow wicker baskets are known as yungyapu in Hopi. A shallow wicker basket or plaque is called a yungyapngölökpu. It is woven of sumac (rhus trilobata), called suuvi in Hopi and rabbit brush (chrysothamnus), called siváapi. $275

Hopi coil basket by Rosaline Day. Hopi coiled basket or tsukuvota, a style which is made only in the villages on Second Mesa. It is woven of galleta grass/sühü and sewn with yucca/ (Yucca angustisima) called mooho in Hopi. $220

These Hopi coiled baskets or tsukuvota, came from a collection of Hopi items collected in the 1960s to the early 1980s. Coiled basketry is a style which is made only in the villages on Second Mesa. They are woven of galleta grass/sihu and sewn with yucca/ (Yucca angustisima) called mooho in Hopi.

DSC4357 DSC4358

9" diameter, 5" tall, with black raincloud motifs.$375

8 diameter, 5.5" tall $375


10" diameter, 7" tall, this designs incorporates raincloud motifs. $450

10.5" diameter, with sunflower motif. $300

DSC4371 DSC4366

11.5" diameter. Circa 1930. $600. This plaque depicts Angwusnasomtaqa, Crow Mother Katsina who is a mother of Katsinam.

10.5" diameter. $300.


10" diameter $325. This design depicts Taawa, the sun with rays of sunlght represented by eagle feathers.

11" diameter. Yoyongsona or Cactus-Eater is the Hopi names for the Desert tortoise. $300


9.5" diameter, this basket portrays the Hahai'i wuuhti the Katsina Grandmother. $375

11" diameter $350


8" diameter, 6" tall $300