Craig George is a vey talented painter from Blue Gap, Arizona. A graduate of the Institute of American Indian Art in Santa Fe, he works exclusively in the more demanding medium of oil. This image of a cycling Pueblo drummer in an urban scene is part of his enormously popular urban bicycle series. 16 by 20 inches. SOLD (Santa Fe)


All three images each measure 4 by 6 inches and each was (still is) a greeting card that the artist, JD Roybal (1922-1978) of San Ildefonso Pueblo handcut from watercolor paper. SOLD for the Deer Dancer SOLD and SOLD for diptych of the Koshare Maiden and Corn Dancer. (Santa Fe)


Entitled "Corn is Life" this acrylic by Ryan Huna Smith. It measures 48 by 36 inches. Painted in 1999. $1800.
Ryan Huna Smith (Chemehuevi/Navajo) is a member of the Colorado River Indian Tribes in Parker, AZ. He attended the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM and received his BFA from the University of Arizona in Tucson. In 1996, Ryan illustrated Tribal Force - the first mainstream comic book created by both a writer and illustrator that were Native American.Currently he teaches at Ha:san Preparatory High School in Tucson. (It's funded by the Tohono O'odham, Nation.)


Parker Boyiddle was a remarkable artist. A Kiowa artist, he attended IAIA in the mid 1960s along with some of the other most famous names in contemporary Indian art, including Earl Biss and T.C. Cannon.

^The circular work with is 36" across, represents a Kiowa elder reflecting on the past. $3500.

<<Next, entitled "Saynday and Grandmother Spider Blacken the Crow," this work recounts an ancient Kiowa legend. Image area is 24x36", $6000.

^Lastly, there was a close relationship between the Kiowa and the buffalo, around which their way of life revolved. It was believed if a buffalo was taken with respect it would be reborn. Image area 24x36, $4000